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The General Conference ACM Department performs the primary functions listed below for the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists:
  • Leadership, direction and oversight
  • Operational and contingency assessment and planning
  • Administration of the department, committees and chaplain associations
  • Organizational structure, roles and staffing
  • Budgeting and resources management
  • Professional standards, policies and ethics
  • Ecclesiastical approval and endorsement
  • Training and mentoring of chaplains
  • Chaplain integration and relations with the Church and Adventist ministry
  • Pastoral care and religious support for church members in military and public service
  • Authorship and publishing of journals, training materials and literature
  • Advocacy and liaison with public professional organizations and military relations


North American Division
  • Operational assessment, planning and evaluation
  • Assessment and planning
  • Advocacy of ACM concept and vision to leaders and members
  • Integration of ACM with the division mission and departments
  • Recruitment and placement of Adventist clergy into the chaplaincies
  • Endorsement processes
  • Professional training conferences
  • Publishing of journals and literature
  • Resources for ministry
  • Pastoral care and religious support for military-related church members and their families
  • Liaison with government and professional agencies
  • Management of office business
General Conference
  • Global strategy, assessment and planning
  • Promotion of ACM concept and vision to leaders and members
  • Integration of ACM with Church mission and departments
  • Direction and guidance to divisions around ACM interests
  • Standards, policies and ethics for chaplaincies
  • Training programs for chaplains
  • Certify training programs
  • Resources development
  • Preparation for political-military contingencies / realities
  • Administration of department

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