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General Standards
Ecclesiastical endorsement is the Church's affirmation that a person is seeking or serving in chaplaincy and has presented evidence of their calling and training for that ministry.  It signifies the applicant:
          (1) is an experienced minister in regular standing of the Seventh-day Adventist Church;
          (2) has completed appropriate professional training for the specialized ministry;
          (3) is placed or is seeking placement in an approved chaplaincy ministry setting;
          (4) will maintain an accountable relationship with the church.

Ecclesiastical endorsement is:
          (1) required by most Seventh-day Adventist institutions that employ chaplains;
          (2) required by virtually all government or public agencies that hire chaplains;
          (3) required by most private organizations that hire chaplains;
          (4) often required by institutional accrediting bodies, and for membership or certification in most professional associations;
          (5) needed for ACM to effectively represent chaplains in dealing with placement, church policy issues and other matters; and
          (6) a demonstration of the chaplain's commitment to professional competence and accountability to the mission of the church.

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